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 River Ranch Acres Florida Recreational Land


River Ranch Acres is in the area managed by the RRPOA.

We are land sellers in River Ranch in the RRPOA area!


To buy or sell land Call or Text 609-703-4567

If you already own land and you want to ask about membership.  Do Not Call me I am not the RRPOA.

If you already own land and you want to ask about what is going on in River Ranch, Do Not Call Me.

I am a land investor who buys and sells land in River Ranch to make a living to support my family. 

I get calls all day long from people who are only looking for information.

Calls from people not looking to do a transaction takes away time from calls who do want to buy or sell.

River Ranch Acres Florida Land for sale RiverRanchAcres.com   River Ranch Recreational Land Florida RiverRanchAcres.com 
Land for sale here qualifies for the RRPOA membership.
Land comes with a written 30 day Money Back Guarantee

It is very easy to understand how River Ranch works to gain Access.

You must own land & have proof of ownership by showing a DEED to LAND in RIVER RANCH.
You take a copy of your deed to the RRPOA main gate entrance to start your membership.
RRPOA Membership cost $145 a year
RRPOA Guest pass is $135 a year (each RRPOA member can only buy 2 or less)
RRPOA Membership allows you to use the 50,000 acres of RRPOA controlled lands.
RRPOA Membership allows you to Hunt , Camp or use your ATV (four wheels) , 4x4 , Swamp Buggy
RRPOA Membership allows you to camp on the RRPOA owned temporary camping area.
You can NOT put a permanent camp on land that you do not own!
At one time the RRPOA would issue a Permit for a Campsite in the Camping area if you owned 1.25 acres or more anywher in River Ranch.
If you want to make a camp that you can leave your camper on a lot, YOU NEED TO BUY A LOT IN THE CAMPING AREA!
You can NOT camp on an Access lot, access lots are considered non-camping lots.

Real Simple No Deed, No Membership
No Membership, No Entrance To River Ranch
No Ownership of Land in the camping area means no leaving a camper on a lot.

I do not control the RRPOA nor does any other landowner who sells land in River Ranch
The RRPOA does not sell Land. 
The RRPOA controls the memberships, gate entrance, rules & regulations.

Any RRPOA questions you have needs to be answered by them RRPOA Gate/Office (863-692-9807)

Land For Sale Call or Text 609-703-4567
email: LandintheUSA@aol.com

If you do not want to leave a camper on a lot, you buy an Access lot so you can get a membership to hunt or ride 4 wheelers & camp in temp lot.
If you want to leave a camper on a lot, you buy a camp lot in the Camping area. I do not have any in camp area in RR.

River Ranch Acres Access Lot in hunt area

1.25 Acre RR4424
I will add One Person/Married Couple to my RR4424 deed in the 1.25 acre lot for $750
Click on picture for details
River Ranch Acres Land For Sale Lot 1208 RRPOA area

I will add One Person/Married Couple to my RR1121 deed in the 1.16 acre lot for $700
Located in the Griffith Still Hunt Area just north of Highway 60

1.16 Acre Good for up to 4 names or 4 married coup Click on picture for details



In the RRPOA area


I will add One Person/Married Couple to my deed in the 2.5 acre lot for $

Click on picture for details
River Ranch Acres Lots For Sale RRPOA area land


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Lot CA262


With the purchase of at least an ownership in a 1.25 acre lot or more you will have use of over 70 Sq. Miles of some of the most sought after recreational property in Florida.

Once you own and initiate your River Ranch Property Owners Association (RRPOA) membership cost is $145.00 a year,

you can camp in designated temporary camp area . 

Only landowners in the camping section can set up camp in the designated full time camping area,

you can bring a trailer, mobile home, RV or any wheeled vehicle

no larger than 10 foot X 40 foot to set up at your personal campsite to be enjoyed upon visits.


Hunting Dates


General Gun -





Quail -

Youth Turkey -



Quail Release & Dog Training Dates


No Guest Dates Spring Turkey -


If you want your guest to come in on these dates, they must become members of the RRPOA. 

They can buy a cheap access lot so they can own land, to get a deed, & pay to become a member!


If you want to get into River Ranch to:

Ride ATV's , to go hunting or just to pull a camper in & stay a few days.

You will need to buy a piece of land in River Ranch Acres to get a deed to a property. 

Buying a property on this website will get you a deeded ownership of land in River Ranch Acres. 

When you get a deed in River Ranch Acres the land is yours until you sell the land,

as long as you pay the yearly property taxes (about $10 a year). 

When you get your deed in hand you can then go to the RRPOA main gate entrance to start your yearly membership (cost $145).


Email us how how many people 18 years an over you want to be on a deed as an owner.
We will tell you how much you need to buy to get a membership.
Please provide, your name & address as you want it on the deed & we will email you a contract.

You will become a Land Owner of River Ranch Acres, and be able to use all sections of RRPOA as a member!

Buying property here is simple & can be done quickly. 
A contract can be emailed to you!
Only thing needed is your name and address as you want it on the deed.
Also need to know which property you want by picking it here: Property For Sale

Before you know it you could be at the gate applying for membership as soon as you get your Deed.
How fast you get to the gate depends on how fast you get started!

This is real land and you will be a land owner of River Ranch Acres.

Being a member allows you to ATV , Hunt , Camp , Fish and 4x4ing

No electric or other services are in any of the areas & if you will need electric to use you will need a Generator, Solar or Wind power.

No permanent structures & no trailers larger than 10x40. 

No tract vehicles, no dirt bikes or no motorcycles allowed.

 Dogs must have a collar with name, address and phone number.

Video of Main Grade Camp Area


RRPOA Main entrance 18550 County Road 630, East, Lake Wales, Florida 33898

River Ranch Acres RRPOA


Gate eRiver Ranch as found on Youtube



About River Ranch:

RIVER RANCH ACRES - Forty six years ago, a large Florida land developer subdivided 44,800 acres of wilderness in Polk County into about 1.25 acre lots and sold them to people all over the world, many with dreams of one day retiring here.

Hard-sell land peddlers solicited prospective property owners by phone or on the streets, from New Haven and New Orleans to Rome and Hong Kong. But the 70 square miles of land, a portion of it under water, was never developed. It was one of Florida's great land scams.

Today, thousands of these land owners and their descendants still own a tiny piece of Florida. For the past years, the property has been controlled by a group called RRPOA the hunting and recreational club.  They are the River Ranch Property Owners Association.  They are recreational land users, hunters , swamp buggy users , ATV users & 4x4 users.  They have a strong intent on keeping it that way always.  A gated enclave with very few government rules.  The RRPOA has rules you must follow like no illegal hunting , no track vehicles & no 2 wheel motorcycles.  They have a few other minor rules too, like no cutting fences & do not cross over or under a fence, Stay on River Ranch Acres land.

Know of any place like it where you got this kind of freedom?  A land owner of River Ranch can camp in the temporary camping area.  If you own your own land in the camping section you can camp on it.  You can hunt during hunting season.  You can use ATV's, 4x4's & swamp buggies.  So far members still got that freedom.  Land users are average American people who come here to have a good time. The club has been growing stronger not with hunters, but with ATV riders and others needing a place for family recreation.  The weekends are spent at RR are stress-free, relaxing & fun. Not to mention, you can meet some of the most wonderful new friends ever!  It is a private gated recreation area. If you pay your dues you are entitled to have a campsite and use the property for various recreational activities.  Buy a lot! It's a great place for any recreationalist. There is becoming less and less places to off-road.

Club members say no one actually lives at River Ranch Acres full time.   Camps are for temporary use and most people come on the weekends.                    Electric is by generator , solar power or wind power and all are allowed.

All members hold a deed.  You can only have a campsite in the designated camping area if your parcel is in the camp area.  Landowners who pay to have the parcel surveyed can't Video of Temp Camp Area


River Ranch area is part of the Lake Wales Sandy Ridge.


River Ranch area is part of the Lake Wales Sandy Ridge.  River Ranch encompasses 70 square miles. Many people also built dirt trails all over this subdivision to access their interior lots. The zoning for the lots is agricultural/recreational acreage.

These lots can be purchased to gain admission to the Hunting and Recreation Club, however it is not necessary. Many future minded investors are acquiring parcels of land in this area, as an investment for the future. With Orlando, Tampa, Lake Wales and Highway 27 area rapidly developing on the West side of this subdivision and the City of Destiny to the East, this area may experience growth and the corresponding value appreciation, in the future. So the two most obvious users of the land are those who want to take advantage of the land for Hunting and Recreational purposes and the other are forward thinking investors who see the potential for growth in the future.

River Ranch Acres Subdivision is in Polk County, Florida. It is located very close to State Road 60 and
State Road 630, directly east of Indian Lake Estates, a still developing subdivision.  Indian Lake Estates is a fully functioning community with houses, restaurants, and churches.  In Indian Lake Estates lots sold for as much as $25,000 to $30,000 for only half acre parcels.  Today they can be bought cheap.

River Ranch lots are not buildable at this time as paved roads and utilities are not into these lots. You can use it right now to gain access to the River Ranch Acres Camping Area or to hunt, fish and go four wheeling over 70 square miles of area.  River Ranch land should be considered as an investment speculation used for Recreational use.  As Recreational land becomes harder to find and to buy, speculation on investment will be considered a value.

Gulf American Corp., a company started by two men who had made money selling hair conditioner to bald men, developed both Cape Coral near Fort Myers and Golden Gate Estates near Naples. In River Ranch, Leonard and Jack Rosen's third development, they decided to sell the dream but not the actual development. The property was subdivided, but there were no plans for roads or utility lines.

We own land in River Ranch Acres where the RRPOA is located.
We are not associated with River Ranch Property Owners Association (RRPOA)
We are not associated with Kissimmee Lakes Recreational Property Owners Association (KLRPOA)