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KLRPOA Camp Lot - 0.635 Acres Listing KLRPOA1116

DEED by good clean WARRANTY DEED.


SOLD!            SOLD!


 I have Title Insurance on this property and we can use a Title Company if you want to split the costs.

Kissimmee Lakes Recreational Property Owners Association KLRPOA Land For Sale Atving Campimg Lot


Property Details:  Property is located in the Kissimmee Lake Recreational Property Owners Association.

Property Address:  Lake Wales, FL 33898

Parcel ID: 30-30-16-000000-011160

Legal Description:  S1/2 of W1/2 of SE1/4 of NW1/4 of NE1/4 of NE1/4

Note: 303016 000000011100 is not for sale. 

N1/2 Northwest Corner:   27°52'42.20"N ,  81°19'12.75"W and Northeast Corner:  27°52'42.20"N ,   81°19'10.88"W

N1/2 Southwest Corner:    27°52'40.45"N , 81°19'12.75"W and Southeast Corner:    27°52'40.45"N , 81°19'10.88"W





Size:  0.635 Acres

Terrain:  Level

Land Cover:  Shrub/Scrub

Conveyance:  Warranty Deed

Access:  Kissimmee Lakes Recreational Property Owners Association Gate Key

Power:  Generator

Water:  Shallow Well; Tank, you install.

Sewer:  N/A

POA Fees:  $150/year;  Boat Ramp Fee: $100/year

Taxes:  About $10.00 per year

Terms:  Cash Price $SOLD including document prep and recording fees.  SOLD!

GPS Coordinates of 30-30-16-000000-011160 (approximate coordinate)

 Northwest Corner:    27°52'40.45"N , 81°19'12.75"W and Northeast Corner:    27°52'40.45"N , 81°19'10.88"W

Southwest Corner:  27°52'38.92"N ,   81°19'12.75"W and Southeast Corner:  27°52'38.92"N ,  81°19'10.93"W




Aerial Picture: Lot KL1116


Aerial Picture:

KLRPOA Kissimmee Lakes Recreational Prperty for sale atv camp air boat buggies

Aerial Picture:

Formerly known as River Ranch North side.

Off of Sam Keen Road and north of State Road 60 E

The company's principal address is 3002 Sam Keen Road, Lake Wales, FL 33898

KLRPOA is used for camping , hunting , and 4 x 4 wheeling , ATVing and Airboating.


Recreation airboating , 4wheeling and buggies Lale Wales area.


Air boating , Fishing , Buggies , ATV's , all of its available.  Airboating at its best, plus access to countless lakes.

Formerly known as River Ranch North Side.

North of State Road 60 and Sam Keen Road, Lake Wales, FL

Private access to Lake Kissimmee

The area offers family friendly environment.

Access to countless trails for 4x4 wheeling and buggy riding.

Hunters are welcome.  Nature watchers will enjoy abundance of wildlife and tranquility.

Kissimmee Lakes Recreation Property Owner Association ( KLRPOA ) maintains the access roads.

KLRPOA maintains the boat ramp access into Lake Kissimmee.

Membership will be required for use of the boat ramp and maintained roads for an annual fee

Call or Text Keith 863-336-5522

Property is for sale by owner. 

I am not a real estate agent.

This does not constitute an offer where prohibited by law.

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